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May, 2018
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June, 2018
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The Uptight Suburbanite
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June 2018
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My wife's sister-in-law, Eileen Bluestone Sherman, is a playwright. She has had several books published as well as having two or three shows featured Off-Broadway. Among her many achievements she has won an Emmy. She is very talented. Her son Joshua,

We love the theater. When I was younger Linda and I visited theaters in New York and Philadelphia frequently Sad to say, we rarely do that anymore. I am older, the trip seems longer, the traffic worse than ever and the

Last week, the day after we released the Uptight Suburbanite, Linda left our home very early in the morning to babysit for our son and daughter-in-law. When I got up later in the morning I realized that I was home

Recently we went out to dinner with five other couples. During the meal one of the people in our party mentioned how terrible the slaughter of children at the Parkland, Florida school had been. One of the other members of

Featured Writers

By Suzanne Gwilliam, Realtor This market is on fire!! Although there is much more inventory than a month ago, instead of

By Tony, Warminster Have you ever been driving behind someone moving slower than you would like. You think if you get

Thankfully it was a dream. I was sitting in the witness chair in a courtroom facing my three children who

Travels With Allen

Our sister publication, the Carrier Pigeon, is offering free ads to merchants and professionals who walk into our offices and

It’s pool time and if you have a pool to be serviced, or are thinking of installing one, let me

Before I start sharing what’s on my mind this month I wanted to mention an article I wrote many years

Restaurant Reviews

Bensalem has come a long way baby! It's been identified as one of the best places to raise a family, and if you take a

We had heard that some good "stuff" was happening at the Spring Mill Country Club in Ivyland. Their dining room was going through a transition,

  The Persian Grill is a jewel of a restaurant tucked away in a non-descript strip center in Hatboro. You can find it along the York

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