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Recently we went out to dinner with five other couples. During the meal one of the people in our party mentioned how terrible the slaughter of children at the Parkland, Florida school had been. One of the other members of

By Allen Herman Every time I crank up the old word processor I have to decide what I want to discuss. I never have any problem coming up with material. My problem is that I have so much I want to

I’m a news hound. Actually, I am a compulsive news hound. Local, national or world events, I am addicted. I read three papers a day, watch many cable networks at night and listen to the news and talk radio when

By Allen Herman I have a confession. While growing up I never saw eye to eye with my father. If I wanted to go South to Baltimore he wanted to go North to New York. If I was voting the Democratic

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The past few years have been challenging for the Real Estate market. First we had a long recovery from the

Being an entrepreneur and running your own business can be one of the most rewarding things you can do in

Suzanne Gwilliam, Realtor Here we are again, the start of another year! Happy New Year Everybody!!! Although it is literally freezing

Travels With Allen

I should have titled the beginning paragraphs of my article, "The Honey Do List." Had I met the man I

By Allen Herman This was a very quiet New Year's Eve for us. Our son and our daughter-in-law were invited to

By Allen Herman We are in! After nine years in one location we were told to “pack up and get out

Restaurant Reviews

We had heard that some good "stuff" was happening at the Spring Mill Country Club in Ivyland. Their dining room was going through a transition,

  The Persian Grill is a jewel of a restaurant tucked away in a non-descript strip center in Hatboro. You can find it along the York

I had already heard about Huntingdon Valley's newish Italian restaurant, La Strada. Reports were in about its good food and pleasing atmosphere. But what impressed

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