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By Allen Herman Nowadays, I rarely have a column that discusses politics or religion. I know better. The nation is divided into blues and reds, democrats, republicans, independents and

By Allen Herman Linda and I were out to dinner one evening when a woman walked up and thanked us for introducing her to her “savior.” We were surprised,

By Allen Herman Every month I write about my "travels." Recently I received two emails from people who suggested I only wrote about people who advertise in our publications.

By Allen Herman The nation is divided. Half the population is “red” and half is “blue.” Some are conservative and some are liberal. We have Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Non-Aligned,

Many years ago, long before Columbus discovered America, while dinosaurs still roamed the planet, my mother would pack up my brother and me, load the family woolly mammal

By Allen Herman Last month I wrote about the new Italian restaurant, U’Panzerott, that opened on Easton Road. After we went to print several people called to say they

The week before the Fourth of July my wife and I took our two-year-old grandson, Yosef, on a train ride. We already knew that he was fascinated with

By Allen Herman I’m exhausted. Linda is exhausted. We are getting ready to launch a new product called Food Ponz and the work load is far greater than anticipated. Simply

By Allen Herman Recently Linda and I flew to Seattle to visit our kids and grandchildren. We took a “cheapie” late night flight on Southwest Airlines. (We love this


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